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Community Engaged Scholarship: Critical Junctures in Research, Practice and Policy

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This conference will convene national and international scholars from diverse disciplinary backgrounds to present and discuss emerging research on community-engaged scholarship (CES) in higher education and its implications for research, practice and policy. Specifically, the conference will examine current research on faculty engagement, faculty development, promotion and tenure processes and institutional change strategies from Canada and abroad that facilitate CES.

Leading scholars in these areas will serve as presenters, moderators and discussants. The conference will identify gaps in knowledge, define challenges and develop strategies to foster new multi-disciplinary networks and research partnerships. While our emphasis is on the presentation of current research, we will mobilize the knowledge from the conference to facilitate change in policy and practice within university reward systems that are persistently raised as a significant barrier to CES.

Community-engaged scholarship (CES) and community-academic partnerships are gaining momentum in higher education institutions. The Canadian tri-council funding bodies have moved aggressively towards increasing support for community-engaged research and knowledge mobilization efforts. Yet there is a well articulated disjuncture between calls for social relevance, knowledge translation and mobilization, community based research, service learning and engagement more broadly, and the resources, structures and tenure policies that continue in Canadian universities. This conference will surface and address important questions in this challenging arena by identifying current and critical research and practice.

Confirmed speakers include:

  • Sherril Gelmon (Portland State University) on “Setting the Stage: The Landscape of Community Engaged-Scholarship”
  • Lynn Blanchard (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill) on “The Development of Community-Engaged Scholars”
  • Barbara Holland (University of Sydney) on “Structures and Policies that Support Community –Engaged Scholarship”
  • Rhonda Lenton (York University) on “Strategies for Institutional Change”

View the program. PDFs of the presentations are available here.

The March/April 2011 issue of the Journal of Higher Education Outreach and
will include selected papers from the conference.  These will go through the journal’s usual peer-review process.  Details will be provided to authors of accepted abstracts.

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